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Organizing Team

A special thank you to the hard working members from District 2 and 3 who put together this convention:

Richard Fairfield - Chairman and web designer

Dianna Davis - Western VP and Co-chair

Rose Nicoletti - Food and Plants

Bill Gray - Tours - Hurrah

Doug Keough - member of the cast

Marlen Jacobs - District Director and registrar

Don Smart - Treasurer and general resource

Bill Heller - A/V and photo show

Gigi Watson - member of the cast

Joan Yoder - Venue

Laurel Nunley - organization and marketing

Last but not least, Thank You to the


for working with us on the logistics and setup of the venue.

The committee would also like to thank all those who made contributions to the convention.

Our apologies to anyone that was left off this list as more were being added right up to the end.




Briggs Nursery – Elma WA

Van Veen Nursery – Portland OR

Cloud Mountain Nursery – Everson WA

Log Cabin Nursery – Springfield OR

Species Foundation – Federal Way

Chimacum Woods – Port Ludlow WA

Wells Nursery – Mt Vernon WA

Sunnyside Nursery – Marysville WA

Moonstruck Nursery – Clinton WA

Arney Farm – Oso WA

Chuck’s Nursery – Arlington WA

Fred Meyer – Snohomish WA

Snohomish Conservation District – WA

Pilchuck Chapter – Marysville WA

Savvy Garden and Home – Arlington WA

Orchard Nursery – Stanwood

Paradise Lake Nursery – Snohomish, WA

Van Wingerden Nursery – Blaine WA

ARS Seed Exchange – Portland OR

Snohomish Garden Center - Snohomish WA

Woods Creek Nursery - Monroe WA



Rose Nicoletti – Pilchuck Chapter

Seattle Chapter – Seattle WA

Olympia Chapter – Olympia WA

Nanaimo Chapter – Nanaimo BC



Shirley Rock – Pilchuck Chapter

Bruning Pottery – Snohomish WA

Diane & Bill Bylund – Pilchuck Chapter

Richard Fairfield – Pilchuck Chapter

Greg Winters – Pilchuck Chapter

Pine Creek Nursery - Monroe WA

Katy Willis - Whitcomb County visitor’s center.



Elaine Derkach – MARS chapter

Nancy Greer – Eugene chapter

Marlen Jacobs – Seattle chapter

Richard Fairfield – Pilchuck chapter

Doug Keough – Pilchuck chapter

Gray Mountain Photo – Arlington WA

Pacific Stone – Everett, WA

Doug Keough – Pilchuck Chapter

Carolyn Smart – Seattle Chapter

Pine Creek Nursery – Sultan WA

Stoneworks – Maltby WA

Paul Nicoletti – Snohomish WA

Marlen Jacobs – Seattle Chapter

North Heights Elementary - Bellingham WA

Marilyn Dawson – MARS chapter



Richard Fairfield – Pilchuck chapter

Don & Marlen Smart – Seattle chapter

Maillards Landing Nursery – Oak Harbor WA

McDaniels – Snohomish WA

Marlen Jacobs Smart – Pilchuck Chapter

Co-op Supply – Arlington WA

Home Depot – Snohomish WA



Christianson’s Nursery – Arlington WA

Garden Spot Nursery – Bellingham WA

Moonstruck Garden – Clinton WA

Samson Estates Winery – Emerson WA

Sunnyside Nursery – Marysville WA

Vartanyan Estates Winery – Bellingham WA

Flower World – Snohomish WA

My Garden Nursery – Bellingham WA

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