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Session Details

Thursday Afternoon Research Group Keynote Speaker

Juliana Medieros' research group will be concluding their mini-conference with a keynote speaker, JM Hulbert - Forest Health Watch – Community Science.  All ARS convention paticipants are invited to this session and roundtable discussion on developing a Community Science project for ARS through Forest Health Watch.

Thursday Evening Welcome Dessert
  • Wes Gannaway will open with a presentation about the history, geology and culture of the Pacific Northwest

  • Dennis Bottemiller share about his spring trip to the gardens in Southern Cornwall area.

Friday Evening Banquet Program
  • Karen Chapman, "BEYOND THE BLOOM".  Collectors gardens can often lack focus or year-round interest, becoming more of a plant gallery than a multi-sensory garden. Learn how to extend the beauty of your prized rhododendrons even when the blooms are spent while gaining a greater understanding of the design principles used to create eye-catching combinations and vignettes that will draw you out into your garden in all seasons.

Saturday Morning Workshops
  • Workshop session #1 will give participants the following 3 options

    • Sarah Anderson will discuss the why and what of drip irrigation

    • Doug Keough will do a show and tell about the process of hybridizing and growing rhododendrons from seeds

    • Don Hyatt: "SMART PHOTOGRAPHY - Transitioning from Standard Camera to Cell Phone"  Due to medical travel restrictions, this presention has been cancelled.  Instead  . . . 

    • Mike Bones:  "Yak-ity Yak"  Learning from each other.  Mike will be moderating this session where each participant will select from a number of table topics and share your experiences and/or learn from others about how to deal with specific situations. You will have the opportunity  to sit in on three tables.

  • Workshop session #2 will give participants the following 3 options

    • Juliana Medeiros will present and demonstrate the ‘drip races’ in plants.

    • Robert Fincham  will talk on conifers to enhance the garden.

    • Marlene Finley will talk about ‘firewise’ gardening.

  • Workshop session #3 will give participants the following 3 options

    • Sarah Anderson will conclude her discussion of drip irrigation by telling us what we need to know and consider in deciding how to design and install a system

    • Jerry Rock will present “Tips and Tricks with Jerry”

    • Don Hyatt: "FROM BAMBI TO CLIMATE CHANGE - Assault on the Rhododendron Garden" (Due to medical travel restrictions, this prestation will be via Zoom.)  This humorous talk will look at the challenges many gardeners face when trying to raise healthy rhododendrons.   Various threats will be discussed including how to deal with problems caused by climate change. Some solutions involve creating micro-climates in the garden as well as tolerant varieties that can better handle environmental extremes.  Potential solutions will be offered to help thwart obnoxious garden critters like deer, rabbits, and voles.   Certain insect pests and diseases will also be discussed.  

Saturday Afternoon Seminars
  • Seminar session #1 will give participants the following 2 options

    • Linda Chalker-Scott PhD will present “Accurate diagnosis and treatment of environmental stresses of Rhododendron”

    • Mike Stewart will offer a presentation on dwarf rhododendrons.

  • Seminar session #2 will give participants the following 2 options

    • Gisele Schoniger will share her wealth of gardening wisdom as an educator to the industry and consumers across the West. Her workshops are upbeat, educational and entertaining.  What is the big deal with organic and why should we care more than ever? Mother Nature is clearly in charge and its time we learn how to support her efforts. Soil is a complex ecosystem, which supports all life on earth. How we care for the soil is in direct relation to how we care for the eco system at large, including ourselves. Learn the basics on bringing organics into the mix to help restore, revive, and regenerate your rhododendrons. Your entire landscape will be more disease and pest resistant.  We’ll talk about the benefits of organics versus synthetics and the impact on your soil and the overall health of your plants.

    • Mary Lu Arpaia will talk to us about ‘Adaptation to a changing World and How plants respond to Stress’ 

  • Seminar session #3 will be a discussion with ARS president Linda Derkach regarding ARS membership

Saturday Evening Banquet Program
  • Glen Jamieson will open with a presentation on Rhododendrons in Iceland

  • Bob Zimmerman will close with the ‘Siren songs of Species’

Sunday Morning Hybridizer’s Roundtable,
  • Yasmin Workman will moderate the discussion.

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